Builder Network

Builder Network 

Silver Liner Trailers

Our Art

We begin on the vintage canvases of iconic travel trailers and motorhomes.

Together with our clients we imagine, plan, draw, sculpt, carve, rivet, hammer, paint and sew every creation by hand.

The result, is a one-of-a-kind custom-built creation.

For more info you can find them at

6930 Oporto Madrid Blvd. S
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
(shop) 205-703-9711
(cell) 205-999-4767


Builder Network 


California Tiny House 

California Tiny House, Inc. is a true family owned and operated business with 8 members of the Mosley Family involved. Every member of the family brings their own unique skill set to the business which has helped propel it to one of the top Tiny House Builders in the the nation.  We opened our doors in Fresno, CA in 2014 and have built dozens Tiny Homes since. We are a one stop shop for custom homes. We build and design all of our homes in house, and are hands on every step of the way. We strongly believe in honesty and forming relationships with our clients to ensure their tiny house experience is amazing, from the start of the design till many years in later. We are also on the forefront of tiny house legalization and legislature in which we have been a part of some of the most groundbreaking tiny house bills to date. We are strong advocates for Tiny House construction as an educational tool within schools. We have partnered with CTE and ROP programs throughout the state of California to bring Tiny House curriculum to dozens of high schools, which is growing every year. We believe tiny houses are the perfect solution to breathe life back into these programs that have nearly been lost. We absolutely love what we do and how amazing it is to build for clients excited to go tiny!!

 3337 W Sussex Way  Fresno, CA 93722
Office: 559-316-4500


Midwest Tiny Homes

We help people just like you go tiny everyday. Whether you simply need a foundation to build on or a complete tiny house, we are simply here to help.


It begins with a conversation and ends with a new way of life...
We talk and learn about you and why you want to go tiny. We go through our experience in helping others and give you the knowledge we have to help determine what you need and want in your tiny home. 
Every new tiny homeowner has a vision of what would work best for them and we work hard to serve your needs first. 
We can build from plans we have or work from homes you've found online. Your home can be as unique as you are! 

3953 45th Ave SE, St Cloud, MN 56304 

(320) 316-3165


Tea Cup Tiny Homes 

Are you SO ready to get out of your current living situation and start living your BEST tiny life? We build design savvy tiny homes that are customized or personalized to your needs. Delivery anywhere in Canada and the USA

Welcome Package & Onboarding

We can’t build you the perfect tiny home unless we get to know you first! Watch your inbox for a detailed welcome package that we will work through together.

 Lethbridge, Alberta



Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes 

My main philosophy is simple-keep things simple. I like design that is clean, un-complicated,  functional, and some might argue, minimal. You don’t have to get rid of everything you own to live in a Tiny House (I myself have a nice collection of bikes, skis, gear, and tools), but making the decision to dwell in something so small will be an exercise in determining what you really can and cannot live without. Some people can’t imagine living without “such and such”, but to others, this idea of downsizing will sound downright freeing.

If you so desire, I can build you a Tiny House with ornate turned spindles, a gothic gable window, interesting roof lines like a Dutch Hip, or even add dormers, but all these things add complication and expense, and in some cases compromise performance. The Tiny House movement is grounded on the basis of simplifying one’s life, owning a simple yet comfortable shelter outright, not having a mortgage, having the flexibility to move the house around, and I would add, being more in touch with one’s surrounding.


P: (970) 335-9577


Moveable Roots 

Our Process

Have you decided to move forward and take the next step in living tiny? At Movable Roots Tiny Home Builders, we have the resources to work with you at whatever stage of the process you are in. We are a custom tiny home builder with the flexibility that allows our clients to work with us on the full process of building their dream tiny home. Below are the 5 steps in our process that start with consultation and end with the delivery of your new tiny home.

834 Washburn Rd. • Melbourne FL 32934

Tel: 833-766-8787




B&B Micro Manufacturing Inc.

Driven By Quality & Craftsmanship

B&B Micro Manufacturing is one of the largest and most experienced tiny house builders in the world. With decades of combined experience from “big” construction, the B&B team dove head first into learning the nuances of building small, liveable, and mobile spaces in 2015 and never looked back.

Now, our team of 35 builders has a combined experience of more than 500 years in the building industry.  Top quality materials, outstanding craftsmanship and an unmatched commitment to creating lasting relationships with our customers have allowed B&B to quickly become one of the leaders of the tiny house movement.

201 Howland Ave.

Adams MA 01220 






Pocket Mansions

Being born and raised in a home her father built, Hannah Rose Crabtree always knew she would build her own home.

Combine a heritage of building, with an innate desire to design, and an intense love of all things tiny, Pocket Mansions was born.

Pocket Mansions is Seattle's premier Tiny House design company focusing on not only appearance, but functionality and sustainability. 

West Seattle, WA




Blackbird Tiny Homes

Blackbird is a premier builder of custom Tiny homes for the Canadian and American market. It is led by a passionate builder and advocate for the tiny house movement and is committed to helping people live their dream of tiny house living. Whether it's reducing or eliminating debt, to working less and living more through traveling, to living simple and affordably, we are here to help make your dream possible. 

Unlike many other tiny house companies, we employ professional journeyman carpenters, electricians, plumbers and gas fitters as well as off grid specialists. We build them to last as long as any residential home, if not longer. Whether it's for the cold northern climates of Canada, or the hot temperatures of the Southern United States, our homes will stand the test of time. Many companies claim this, we prove it.

Calgary, Alberta